More Choices

By Fomar0153
Last Updated: 03 February 2012 (Version 1.0)
Download Link:

This script allows you to exceed the four choices limit, this script sets a variable to equal the choice the player makes.



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  3. Rodi says:

    when you set the cancel option to branch i found 2 problems.
    1. if you cancel the variable is set to 0 by default so option 1 always activates. fixed this by setting the variable to something unused.
    2. if you select option 5 the cancel branch gets activated. didnt find a way to fix that yet.

    • Fomar0153 says:

      Can’t you just disallow cancel and add an option called cancel to the list?

      • Rodi says:

        that sure would work, but it always fells strange to have to select cancel in a game instead of just pressing a cancel button.^^ so i thougt maybe there was a way to change the script so cancel gets its own variable value. but if thats not possible ill just do what you suggested.

        • Fomar0153 says:

          Well the other option is to put a jump to label command in the cancel branch and have the label below the other conditional branches.

  4. Adam says:

    Is there a way you can edit this so that only choices will show after a variable is equaled.

    Time traveling.
    if Var TimeTravel = 1
    only show 100 AD
    if Var TimeTravel = 2
    show 100 AD, 5,000 BC
    and so on

  5. Darkhog says:

    I realize it may be hard to do, but could you make a function that we can use to set choices instead of editing script every time we want to make new set of choices?

    It would be like set_choices(“choice1″,”choice2″,”choice3″,…)
    and then we would call Show Choice with command “choices”, e.g.
    Show Choice: choices.

    Full event script would be like
    Call Script: set_choices(“choice1″,”choice2″,”choice3″)
    Show Choice: choices

    and then usual conditional branch stuff. How about it? Also if I figure out how to do such thing, can I edit your script and send you edited version via e-mail of something?

    • Darkhog says:

      I’ve figured it out. Now waiting for permission to post.

      • Fomar0153 says:

        It’s fine to post it as long as I’m credited for the original script you edited and of course feel free to add your name to your version, you might want to link to it on something like pastebin so that the spacing doesn’t get messed up.

        • Darkhog says:

          Here you are:

          Setting choices is a bit different than in my original post. It is
          $morechoices = ["choice1","choice2","choice3",...]

          • Darkhog says:

            Also some problems that may happen when using my method, a.k.a FAQ

            Q: I get nil:NilClass-related error or I’m being shown choices from previous setup.
            A: You didn’t call $morechoices = ["choice1","choice2","choice3",...] before calling show choice: choices.

            Q: Some of commands (usually last) are cut off.
            A: This is VXA’s fault not mine. Call script box breaks lines, so you may have something like this:
            $morechoices = ["Box", "Crate","Bag","Back
            Just fix it by pressing enter before last item an any items that gets wrapped up so you have something like:
            $morechoices = ["Box", "Crate","Bag",

  6. Darkhog says:

    How about posting my edit of your script in main post?