Ace Battle Engine Add-On – ATB/CTB/Stamina System

By Fomar0153
Last Updated: 22 March 2012 (Version 1.2)
Requires: Yanfly’s Ace Battle Engine
Stand Alone Version:
Download Link: (Version 1.2, 22 March 2012)
Download Link: (Version 1.1, 15 January 2012)

A version of my Customisable ATB/CTB/Stamina System that is compatible with Yanfly’s Ace Battle Engine.



  1. joel says:

    great script man thx!!!!

  2. Hyomoto says:

    It’s not bad but could be better. Being able to define skill costs via note tags, and by the same merit, allowing states/equipment/items to give bonuses/penalties to stamina gain are important. Finally, for CTB, a turn order indicator is pretty much a must. Its a great base, but it seems to incomplete right now.

    • Fomar0153 says:

      I wrote the script before I really knew what note tagging was.

      States/equipment/items can give bonuses and penalties to stamina gain. They can increase or decrease an actor’s agility. States can also provide a multiplier to the speed of the bars.

      The CTB feature was added because of a request but afterwards scripts designed primarily to be CTB systems were released leading me not to pursue developing the CTB options.

      I consider the script complete but am planning an update to add a couple of things including note tagging.

  3. Herm the Germ says:

    A bug occurred to me when an enemy was escaping:

    *Error – 2012-03-30 15:28:27 (Friday)
    Exception : NoMethodError
    undefined method `stamina_cost’ for nil:NilClass
    ["( ATB/Stamina System ):458:in `stamina_loss'", "( ATB/Stamina System ):313:in `use_item'", "( Yanfly Battle Engine ):2990:in `execute_action'", "( ATB/Stamina System ):298:in `process_action'", "( ATB/Stamina System ):185:in `update'", "( Scene_Base ):14:in `main'", "( Skip Title Screen ):24:in `run'", "( ExitEX ):121:in `run'", "( ExitEX ):130:in `block in '", ":1:in `block in rgss_main'", ":1:in `loop'", ":1:in `rgss_main'", "( ExitEX ):130:in `'", "ruby:in `eval'"]

  4. Herm the Germ says:

    Hm, “Aeon Party” seems quite incompatible with this, as well. =\

  5. Pillanious says:

    Hey Fomar, awesome script =)

    Do you have any plans to add a full/semi/wait system to your ATB system? :-D

    • Fomar0153 says:

      It sort of semi/wait already.
      It acts as a wait but you can push shift to sort of replicate semi.
      I probably won’t be adding full support.

      • Pillanious says:

        Okie dokie =)

        One last question – Will this ever be fully compatible with the Victor Engine (which is compatible with YEM)?

        So far the ATB seems mostly compatible with a few minor glitches (such as there being no ‘wait’ after an action is selected, and the occasional victory aftermath glitch), but they’re a tad irritating to have to try and bypass.

        Other than that, though, it seems like a great script =)

  6. blackopolis says:

    Hi, I’m using this with Ace Battle Engine by Yanfly, and I’ve set the script to be a CTB system. I’m getting an error as soon as a battle starts.

    Script ‘Window_Base’ Line 472: NoMethodError occurred.

    undefined method `each_with_index’ for nil:NilClass

    Line 472 is:
    icons.each_with_index {|n, i| draw_icon(n, x + 24 * i, y) }

    The only other scripts I have are Yanfly scripts (Core, Battle, Menu, Status, Class).

  7. William says:

    The standalone version has the character Names with all the bars to the right. I like that view. Any chance of having the Yanfly add-on version have an option for the standalone view? That’d be awesome. Great script. Looking forward to the release of the newer, more stable version that is compaible with VE.

  8. William says:

    Oh, also, one thing. The HP/MP/TP gauges and text for them is overlapping on top of each other ever since adding this script. I’ve tried altering the Y buffer in Yanfly’s script to no avail.

    When I remove this script, all is fine. Is there a way to quick fix this until the new version comes out?

  9. Pillanious says:

    Hey, Fomar! :)

    Just wanted to touch base and see if you’ve made any advancements towards the new version of this script? :)

  10. Servantb7 says:

    I have been playing around with this battle system, and I was wondering if there is any way to customize it so that enemies don’t wait and will attack while it is the actors turn?

  11. Is it possible to add the TP gauge into this? Would be nice if possible.

  12. tsumi otoko says:

    Just to inform you, this script need to be updated as yanfly ABE has been updated to 1.23

    • Livera says:

      Also, I think the bug occurred when an enemy was escaping is still there…

    • Fomar0153 says:

      I finally decided what I wanted to do with this script and that was separate the ATB,CTB and Stamina functions into their own battle systems. So far I’ve finished the Stamina battle system and the ATB is closer to an edit than a whole new script. I’ll release the ATB and CTB as I finish them but the Stamina will be released either when I finish my game or when I give up on it.

      • Livera says:

        Sounds great! I’ll be waiting for those scripts :D
        By the way, will be compatible with Yanfly’s Ace Battle Engine?

        • Fomar0153 says:

          I haven’t tested yet but I want to them to be compatible with Ace Battle Engine and Victor’s animated battlers.

  13. Pheebes says:

    is there a way to have the enemy to have an atb bar underneath it?