Customisable ATB/CTB/Stamina Based Battle System

By Fomar0153
Last Updated: 22 March 2011
Download Link: (Version 1.3, 22 March 2011)
Download Link: (Version 1.2, 15 January 2011)

A resonably customisable battle system which mimics traditional ATB systems, also has options to allow it function as a Stamina or CTB battle system.



  1. livingdeadman says:

    Works like a charm! :)

  2. Zrag says:

    Hi Formar0153! I have a question for this, ill try to use in tankentai side wiew battle system and works without problem, but i love to give my project my personal images, so, u can do the ATB system to use the gauges with images?

  3. Fomar0153 says:

    This works with tankentai!
    Wow, unexpected. would you link me to tankentai and I’ll look into picture gauges.

  4. Zrag says:

    This is the link, in first time i think that tankentai dont gonna work on ur ATB system. But it surprise me too xD

    Now is in japanese version and im looking for traduction, but dont found yet and thank you for try to the gauges =)

  5. Zrag says:

    Oh one more thing, tankentai have a problem if u import the scripts only to basic project, the batlle will break if u use an ability, i found the error, u must look in animations, the new that are added and import to your project and this will work perfectly (sorry about my poor english)

  6. Fomar0153 says:

    I forgot to ask, are you already using a picture bars script (just so I can make sure they’re compatible)?
    If not do you have an example picture for me to base the bars off.

  7. Nohmaan says:

    Any way to add casting time to spells? And maybe cooldown times before action to the ATB bar?

    • Fomar0153 says:

      I had planned on adding action resolve times which would be a delay between selecting the action and it happening. I don’t quite know what you mean by cooldown times.

      • Nohmaan says:

        For cool down, it would be a delay after the skill has charged and after the skill has been used before the ATB bar begins to fill again. Example:

        Flare (casting time 3 seconds) (cooldown 2 seconds)

        When the user casts flare, the bar begins to charge for the 3 second casting time. After the skill is used, the bar fills again for cooldown time for 2 seconds. That way there is the ability to cast a spell quicker and still have an additional time penalty for higher level skills/magic.

        (If the “ATB” text on the bar could change to “Casting” and “Cooldown” during the process that would be cool too)

        • Fomar0153 says:

          Ok I see. It shouldn’t be too much trouble to add when I next update the script.

  8. Cagt3000 says:

    Hey Fomar,

    Love the ATB system you made ! I just have one question :

    When your hero’s Lvl 1, the ATB is pretty slow (I’m using the Tankentai Battle System)… Is there a way to speed it up, without having to change the hero’s agility ?

    Because to me, it looks like it goes faster as you level up. Could you make it the same speed, regardless of your level ? Or is there already a way to do that ?

    Thanks !

    • Fomar0153 says:

      If you want you can edit the gain stamina method in the module. Otherwise I’m planning on adding some form of scaling so that the speed of the bars remains sort of constant.

    • Nohmaan says:

      I came up with this formula for charge speeds that stay constant. Basically, it scores the highest agility against the lowest agility of all the battlers- then sets a minimum time before actors can take action, and a maximum time for action.

      So, lets say the max time is 6 seconds and the min time is 4 seconds. For any battle, the slowest actor will always wait 6 seconds, and the fastest will always wait 4 seconds. The extra 2 seconds between each actor will get a % of that time reduced from the max, depending on their agility. This way, for any agility heavy class like a rogue, they will be acting approximately 3 times for every 2 turns of the slowest. This means that the bars still charge the same with an actor with an agility of 200 vs a monster with agility of 20.

      One thing about this too- it could add a new stat to equip. So, instead of a straight agi+, you could add a “action time reduce” value. Like, Action Time – 0.2 seconds (which would be taken out of the charge time after the calculations).

      x.agi #actor’s agility
      max_time #this is the longest a battler will wait before acting
      min_time #this is the shortest a battler will wait before acting
      max_agi #this is the highest agility value of all battle participants
      min_agi #this is the minimum agility value of all battle participants

      max_time – min_time = bonus_time
      max_agi – min_agi = diff_agi
      diff_bonus = diff_agi / 100

      act_time = max_time – ((x.agi – min_agi) * diff_bonus)

      • Nohmaan says:

        Ooops! I posted wrong formula.

        max_time – min_time = bonus_time
        max_agi – min_agi = diff_agi
        diff_bonus = diff_agi / 100
        bonus = (x.agi – min_agi) * diff_bonus
        act_time = max_time – (bonus_time * (bonus /100))

  9. paradox says:

    Hey formar,

    is there any way to disable the “Fight / Escape” option at the start of battles using your script?

  10. Sunwind says:

    Formar I want to use your script with Victor Engine – Animated Battlers but it doesn’t work with it, the ATB bar doesn’t deplete after you attack, could you please see if you can make it compatible easily?

    • Fomar0153 says:

      I’m working on a new version and as such I’m not interested in making comparability patches for the current version.

  11. Evinth says:

    Hey Fomar, with your ATB time system, have you noticed that for some fights the turns just stop updating? That is, if I use ATB and a troop event on Turn 3, occasionally it won’t activate, or a stunned enemy will stay stunned forever because the turn never updates. The ATB bars will still move though. I still haven’t found a way to reliably replicate it, and it seems to be completely random.

    • Fomar0153 says:

      As I have said I’m working on a new version of this battle system. I’ve done a bit of it and at some point I will finish it. As such I have no interest in supporting the current version.