NaGaDeMo Success*

*level of success dependent upon definition of success.

Let me intoduce you to:

RPG Makers Offline
I was aiming for something reminiscent of games like Diablo and you know what I’ll dissect the game fully later when I’ve gotten some sleep.

Download Link:

I’ll release a version 2 in the future with all the cut content restored (which I’ll leave unencrypted). Anyway the controls:

Left click to move, right click to interact/turn/attack an enemy.
1-0 Use associated skill.

1: Long range wide spread attacks (3 second recharge)
2: Short range wide spread attacks (5 second recharge)
3: Healing skill (10 second recharge)

Cut Content:

  • 3 classes
  • Lots of skills
  • Levels
  • Shops and loot
  • Mouse controlled menus
  • Quests
  • Bosses

Look out for version two some time soon (but not too soon).



  1. Eduardo says:

    me gusto mucho la HUD que tiene tu juego me harias un gran favor si me pudieras dar el script… gracias

  2. Killer690 says:

    Well that was simple to play, simple to learn, very…VERY simple xD.
    I liked so much the HUD and the mouse movement was a little annoying, it would been much better with an indicator “to where you go” like a box.
    Those skills names xD…
    Well, that was fine…I managed to go Lv10 easily.
    Good work over there!
    (It seems that the typing was pretty bad xD)

    • Fomar0153 says:

      Thanks, for the amount of time I spent on it I’m really glad how it turned out.

  3. DisturbedInside says:

    cool game!!
    WHat did u do for the window health display?
    WHere’s the script! That is really cool!
    Great Job! Keep it up