Final Day

My original project for NaGaDeMo is no where near finished. It might have had a chance if Volrath and ArtBane hadn’t roped me in to coding their new project, code named Noir [1] [2].

I might return to the project I was working on at some point but to be completely honest I’d burnt out on it when ArtBane asked me about scripting for Noir so if it hadn’t been Noir it would have been some other reason why I wasn’t going to finish it.

Despite all that I still want to finish a game for┬áNaGaDeMo. I present to you RPG Makers Offline… Except there’s nothing I could screenshot to show it off. So far over the past two days I’ve spent probably 6 hours on it and so far I have the following things coded:

  • Mouse Movement
  • Keyboard detection
  • The hud

So clearly I’ve got a long way to go…

The time now is 11:00 I want to finish at 00:00 so I’ve got 13 hours to go, wish me luck.


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