Sprite Based Side View Battle System

By Fomar0153
Last Updated: 04 June 2012 (Version 1.0)
Download Link: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=gr0ap0Ua

Basically my Basic Side View Battle System but without the need to cut out sprites.



  1. Mukadelheid says:

    Thankz , i was follow you long time ago.

    Keep on scripting.

  2. Killer690 says:

    Well…That is more faster than before…
    Go go Fomar~

  3. [...] Fomar0153 (AN) : a mis jour son SBS qui utilise des charsets. [...]

  4. Minoru says:

    Hi there, thanks for posting this, but I have a question. Where exactly do I put this script? Under Battle Manager in the script editor, or somewhere else? Whenever I try to use it, the game won’t load and instead says

    “Name Error occured. uninitialized constant OBject: Game_Battler”.

    Your help would be most appreciated

    • Fomar0153 says:

      Put it under Materials.

      • Minoru says:

        Thank you very much I got it to work now! I appreciate it! One more question, how do I change the position of the enemies? Though the script successfully moved the characters, the enemies are still in the middle of the screen like the default system.

        • Netsu says:

          Tools -> Database -> Troops. Add the troops from the enemies listed on the right, then you can move their positions on the Battle Back you placed them on.

  5. cody says:

    I like all of your scripts but i recently got the battle side view and the sprite is Way at the top of the screen? please help

  6. Hey Fomar, there is a way to change the waiting time between the actor’s actions?

    • Fomar0153 says:

      Errr, this script adds sprites to the battle. Which script do you refer to?

      • This. I think I wasn’t specific enough. For example, I choose “attack” with all characters. When they start attacking is one after the other, right? The order is determined by the char’s agi, but this is not what I’m talking about. I want to know if there is a way to extend the time between one character’s action and the other. Like this: First character attacks, the damage is calculated, shown in the log message and then the next character attacks. I want to extend this time, between one action and the other. I’m sorry if it’s confusing, english is not my first language.

        • Fomar0153 says:

          Have a look in Scene_Battle around line 70, and increase the durations e.g.
          def wait(duration)
          duration *= 2
          duration.times {|i| update_for_wait if i < duration / 2 || !show_fast? }

  7. RATED-RKOFranklin says:

    Hello, I found a glitch with this script. I noticed when I add a party member during a battle the party member does not appear on screen.

  8. nandozck says:

    i want to ask 1 question, how do we change the characters line? err
    for example, actor 1 & 3 at front of actor 2 & 4 sorry for my bad english,
    maybe this arrow will help, your script allow the sprite to be like this :

    -Enemy -Player

    but i want it to be like this: or like this :
    -Enemy -Player -Enemy -Player
    < <
    < <

    the character's not in one line, what should i do?

  9. nandozck says:

    sorry i mean like this:
    default sprite position:

    but i want it to be like this

  10. nandozck says:

    wtf? i put space bar but it didn’t turn out, ok i mean like this
    default sprite position:
    but i want it to be like this:
    what should i change/add?

  11. Walmartfan says:

    hey fohmar i want to ask some question,
    i’ve put animated battlers script and this script together, but i’ve one issue,
    when the enemies die they don’t dissapear, what must i do?

  12. james says:

    can there be a cursor put above the sprite you’re using to attack? :P