Skill Charges

By Fomar0153
Last Updated: 15 March 2012 (Version 1.0)
Download Link:

This script can implement two new features. The first is skill charges, each time you learn a skill you gain a charge in it and you’re allowed to use that skill only as many times as you have charges per battle. The second feature is that each time you learn a skill after initially learning it the skill gets more powerful. Using both features together allows for your skills to get weaker each time you use a charge.

Also here endeth the daily scripts. RPG Maker VX Ace is out and I want to get on with RPG Making, I will still be releasing scripts, just not daily.



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  3. Hexcal says:

    Any chance you’ll ever expand on this script? It’s a little restricting as it is:

    1) You can’t make skills with unlimited charges.

    2) You can’t use skill teaching items more than once on a character (except during battles). So gaining charges is restricted to either using skills and items in battle, or level ups.

    3) You can’t set a cap for the charges, which sort of breaks the whole system if used with the power increase feature. Currently you can have more than a hundred charges of a skill.

    4) You have no way of viewing a character’s maximum charges outside battle.

    5) You can’t set individual power increases for skills.

    6) This is just me not knowing Ruby from my ass, but I’m trying to display the charge amounts where skill costs are normally shown, as the brackets look a little awkward and it doesn’t make sense for me to use both limited charges and MP/TP costs in my project. Can’t get it to work. Though my knowledge of scripting is limited to copy/paste until it works, so…

    Love the script and what it does, it’s just so…inflexible.

  4. Pheebes says:

    so how do you recharge skill charges?