Infinite Levels

By Fomar0153
Last Updated: 12 March 2012 (Version 1.0)
Download Link:

Lets you set a max level higher than 99 and provides stat formulas for all levels.
If you truly want infinite levels set max_level to return @level + 1

Also I’ve had enough of daily scripting, I’m going to stop it on the 15th.



  1. Chaos17 says:

    Is it possible to do the contrary with your script ? Like to cap level and to be able to unlock with a variable ?

    • Fomar0153 says:

      Change the method like so:

      def max_level
      return [$game_variables[x],1].max

      • Chaos17 says:

        Thank you for your replay.
        It works but the problem is that the player can still gain exp (it’s stockin/banking up) so when I raise the cap level the player will level for example from level 1 to 4.

        Is there a way to prevent that ?

        • Chaos17 says:

          Sorry for double post but I can’t edit my first message. I just wanted to tell you that I tried this :
          def change_exp(exp, show)
          return if max_level?

          But the problem is : it prevent my hero to gain exp before he reach max level.