Secondary Classes

By Fomar0153
Last Updated: 08 March 2012 (Version 1.0)
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This script allows you to give a character a second class they can learn some or all of that classes skills and optionally inherit all of the secondary classes traits and a percentage of it’s paramaters.



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  2. Steele says:

    Fomar, firstly I would like to compliment you on your scripting. The scripts I have used so far have worked wonderfully and I have had little to no bugs/compatability issues. I do, however, have a request relating to this script in particular, if you would humor me.
    The idea is this; equipment has classes tied to it. When you equip say “Ancient Katana” you gain access to, let’s say, the “Samurai” class. This class would equip as a subclass, grant benefits of having the class, and grant access for the character to learn skills. When the item is unequipped, the subclass is removed and access to the subclass is also removed, but skills learned while equipped would remain. I know that some of this can be replicated by adding features to the equipment in question and making learnable skills from your Equipment Skills System, but I do not have the coding experience necessary to make it show that the character has chosen THAT particular class, and I only want characters to be able to learn from 1 item/class at a time, regardless of the number they have equipped. Do you think you might be able to help me out with this?

    Thank You for Your Consideration,

    • Steele says:

      I should clarify… skills learned while the item was equipped remain even after the item is unequipped. Sorry for the double-post, I just looked back and realized it may sound funny to someone without the idea rattling around in their skull.

    • Fomar0153 says:

      The idea interests me certainly.

      Hmm remind of this in July (when I’ll have more free time) and I’ll see what I can do.

      • Steele says:

        WOW, you’re fast to respond! I seriously appreciate your interest and willingness to help! Thanks a lot!

        • Steele says:

          Hello again, Fomar. I just thought I would drop by as per your instructions to remind you about this script request in July. I have been working on assembling a team for my project, and it has gone back to the drawing board, but is progressing nicely. Still, if you are interested and can find the time, I could really use the script described above. In fact, if there were a way we could communicate more efficiently, I could even describe in greater detail and we could ask/answer each others’ questions in discussion! Let me know! I look forward to your reply. ^.^

          • Fomar0153 says:

            You can contact me via PMs on RPG Maker Web, I’m still intending to do this script… when I find time.

  3. f_myeah says:

    Hello, first off thanks for all your great scripts.
    I am currently testing this one and am having a bug.
    I believe the bug only happens when I load my current playtest save file, as I cannot recreate the bug when I start fresh.
    Was wondering if there was a fix if it wasn’t too much trouble. Error is:
    line 59: TypeError occured.
    no implicit conversion from nil to integer

  4. f_myeah says:

    I use your scripts more than anyone else’s, and usually find them easy to use, but I am having a little trouble with this one.
    For some reason, my actors do not learn the secondary class’s skills when I use the line of script to assign them a secondary class.
    When I initialize an actor as having a secondary class with their notetag it works, and they gain all of the skills for their appropriate level,use of Magic, etc.
    (Also, dropping the class does not unlearn the abilities but I can deal with that in events. And I haven’t got the notetag in the learning box to filter skills.)

    But for now I was wondering if there was a fix so that my actors can learn a secondary class without having started with one. Wish I had more info, but I only changed the first value to true.