Aeon Party

By Fomar0153
Last Updated: 01 April 2012 (Version 1.1)
Download Link: (Version 1.1, 01 April 2012)
Download Link: (Version 1.0, 04 March 2012)

For those of you who never played FFX, Aeons were summon monsters that actually replaced the party when summoned. This script allows you to recreate that.

Firstly the Aeons are just actors in the database, set them up as you would any other actor.
Here’s an example skill, the main thing is to link to a common event.

Next you need to setup the common event.

Please add:
at the end of the script call if using a script which implements actor battlers.

That’s my example. Now you can customise this more through events to set this up how you would like. With my setup, everytime you use the skill you summon an “aeon” will full health and it fights for you until it wins or dies. You can of course build on this basic structure. If you really want to fully emulate the Aeon system then I recommend not fully healing the summon when summoned and using one of Yanfly’s great scripts.
For an exact recreation you could use the following notetag:

<restrict eval>
$game_actors[11].hp > 0
</restrict eval>

Or something similar. Other possibilities include <limited uses: 1> so each summon can only be used once in a battle. Or maybe you could use <restrict if switch: x> and turn the switch on when summoning (and then turn it off after battle) so that you could only summon one summon a battle.

Anyway enjoy!



  1. G says:

    Hi! Could you please give more detailed instructions on how to use this script? For some reason, I can’t make it work after following your explanation. Thank you.

  2. Digger says:

    This looks to be a very nice script!

    Question does it replace all the actors or just the specific actor doing the summon?

    I’m not sure on how to read it exactly I did not know rgss or rgss2 too well and definitely do not know rgss3 at all yet.

  3. Luna says:

    Do the aeons level up? If so, how do they level up?

    • Fomar0153 says:

      That’s for you to event if you want it.
      You can use the change level event in the common event on the Aeon.

  4. Pinka says:

    Does this script works with Victors Animated Battle? Because when i try to summon the aeon i get:
    VE animated battle line 2232:undefined method ‘immortals’ for NilClass.

  5. Adrian Meza says:

    I am using this script as well in my game, alongside Yanfly’s Battle Engine. When I summon, it pops up that Death has been inflicted on the user. I cannot figure out why. What could be causing this?

  6. Herm the Germ says:

    Hm, when using this with Yanfly’s Ace Battle Engine & Victory Aftermath scripts, the summons say something, which is kinda odd. Not a game breaker by any chance, but, thought I’d mention it to ya, at least.

    • Herm the Germ says:

      Oh, yeah, and the summon gains all the EXP etc. that the party should be getting.
      Something tells me the solution is rather trivial but I can’t think of one. D:

      • Herm the Germ says:

        Nevermind, I managed to solve it by simply copying “$game_party.aeons = []” into module BattleManager >> def self.process_victory, the way it had been set in the Aeon-script in the first place : D

        Cool script, either way, really liking it (:

  7. Pheebes says:

    unfortunatly this seams not to work with victor sants animated battle system (with actor battlers)

    • Fomar0153 says:

      It’s on my list of things to do.

      • Pheebes says:

        oh kool i’ll keep an eye out for an update then thank you

        • Fomar0153 says:

          Updated, should work now.
          Just add the line:
          to the script call in the common event.

          • Pheebes says:

            i seam to be receiving this error

            Script ‘Game_Interpreter’ line 1411: TypeError ocurred.

            no implicit conversion from nil to integer

          • Fomar0153 says:

            What are you doing when you receive the error?

          • Pheebes says:

            about to cast the summon

          • Fomar0153 says:

            It works for me unfortunately. Due to all the settings in Victor Saint’s script it’s entirely possible that some configurations are compatible and some are not.

            If you upload me a project to look at I’ll have another go.

  8. Pheebes says:

    how should i send you the project

  9. Pheebes says:

    ok sent under email address

    • Fomar0153 says:

      I haven’t received it, stick the exe in a zip file and change the extension e.g. .box instead of .zip gmail doesn’t let you receive exes

  10. Pheebes says:

    oh having issues sending will keep trying and send when able (also attempting to upload)

  11. Asatsuyu says:

    Small problem… if my aeon kills itself say from confusion or just attacking I get an error. Says Script ‘Animated Battlers’ line 644: NoMethodError occurred. Undefined method ‘item’ for nil:NilClass

  12. Zelius says:

    Im a noob at scripting, when I play it my summon attacks then it says:

    “Script ‘Game_Interpreter’ line 1411: SyntaxError occurred.

    unexpected ‘:’, expecting $end
    Script: a = $game_actors[11]

    • Fomar0153 says:

      I can’t work out what’s wrong from just that.
      Do you have any other scripts?
      Just to check you don’t have “Script: a = $game_actors[11]” in the script event do you?
      If so it should be “a = $game_actors[11]“

      • Zelius says:

        That was it Thx but now it says
        “Script ‘Game_Interpreter’ line 1411: SyntaxError occurred.

        unexpected tConstant, expecting keyword_do or ‘{‘ or ‘(‘
        Full Recovery: [Aeon]

        • Zelius says:

          Oh if i get rid of “Full Recovery [Aeon]” it works, but wouldn’t he not be healed if thats not in it?

          • Zelius says:

            I’m sorry about all the questions but, I’m trying to make my aeon level up via variable in the common events but I can get it right, could you post an example?

          • Fomar0153 says:

            Below the script call use the normal events, for full recovery and level editing. How did you want to use the variable.

  13. Lilly says:

    Is it possible using the note tagging system to swicth BGM music when the summon is currently in use?

  14. erdy says:

    im new here can you teach me how to make a common event? how to put
    a = $game_actors[11]

  15. erdy says:

    how to use it with the side view battle theres no iamage its just a shadow aftersummoning

  16. erdy says:

    tankentai side battle. and one more thing when summoning it looks like switching the main character run left side rather vanish like ff8 the character fades

  17. erdy says:

    and can you help me how to return or retire the summoned aeon?

  18. RockStone says:

    A pretty simple method is to create a skill for the Aeon with a special effect of ‘escape’. The Aeon will flee and the normal party will return. Having said that, if you’re using Takentai, this script, will have some bizzare side-effects (or rather, Takentai will have some bizzare effects on it). I found that you can Summon an aeon once, but as soon as you retire the aeon or it dies, it can never be summoned again. Weird.

    As far as the thing of animating the switch between party and aeon, either use an animation which hides the players, or use a picture or something to mask the changeover. Unfortunately, if we choose to use a super-complex script which is mostly written in a foreign language, we can’t expect tech support on every little aspect of incompatibility. This script is not designed to animate anything, so you can’t expect the author to provide help with that. You just have to use your own gumption a bit.

  19. Shin_Sello says:

    Isn’t this script only for noobs? Sorry I don’t mean to offend anyone, but you can have the same function with events too. And it’s not even difficult…
    Sure nice of you to script it, but I don’t see the sense of a script, that creates a function, which would be easily implemented without a scipt too…

    • Fomar0153 says:

      Not in my opinion. I think this is much easier than a summoning system setup with events and far more seamless.

  20. Rue Ryuzaki says:

    Ummm for some reason The summon doesnt appear, it just says uneffective… even when set to self? idk whats wrong, i dont have any conflicting scripts…

    • Rue Ryuzaki says:

      And now i have another issue… its cloning my party and they all act as one but i can do multipul actions…like a shadow clone justu or somethin… wierd…

  21. hiroyuy says:

    Hi. I would like to add to the aeons a skill for returning, without have to wait until they die or win.

    I have tried with a simple “scape” skill. It works, but I cant summon them in the future anymore.


  22. Kidria says:

    Unfortunately, this script seems to ‘break’ Yanfly’s Save menu system. I cannot save nor load any games while this script it used.
    The exact error I get is:

    Script ‘YANFLY’ line 28068: NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined method ‘each’ for nil:NilClass

    I’m using pretty much all of Yanfly’s scripts, and it reverts back to proper use when the Aeon script is removed.

  23. Nuski says:

    Hi! I tried to use your script, but it give me an error:

    Script ‘Game_Interpreter’ line 1409: NoMethodError ocurred.
    undefined method ‘aeons’ for #

    That lane, says just: eval(script)

    I get that error when I use the skill in a battle.

    I put the call of the script exactly as you, and I don’t have battlers, so I don’t need the extra lanes(but I tried with it too)

    Do you have any idea? >_<