Albhed Translator

By Fomar0153
Last Updated: 21 February 2012 (Version 1.1)
Download Link: (Version 1.1 21 February 2012)
Download Link: (Version 1.0 14 February 2012)

Allows you to have an Albhed style language in your game. For those of you who never played FFX the Albhed were a people with their own language which was basically our language with the letters swapped. This allows you to recreate it. Complete with the ability to get translation items.



  1. Zennethe says:

    Just a thought; In FFX certain nouns were left untranslated. It may not be possible but if there was some way to exclude certain words ( could be part of an array ) or have a code to wrap words in ( eg: \nt & /nt ) it would be a nice add to this script. Just my two cents. I’d do it myself if I knew Ruby well enough.

    Otherwise, great script. I’ll probably use it in my upcoming game project. It has 2 countries at war and it’ll be nice for them to speak different languages. Now I gotta find some way to implement a “new game plus”. lol

  2. Fomar0153 says:

    If I update this script then I will add that feature.

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  5. Fomar0153 says:

    Updated to 1.1:
    Added the ability to not translate sections of a message. Use { and } to keep part of the message untranslated. Added the ability to have the translated text appear in another colour.

  6. Mitsarugi says:

    Could you convert this for VX please?

  7. Klandaghi says:

    Would it be possible to use this script to have multiple languages that are not known? I’m thinking about trying to use additional fonts for alternate characters and having multiple languages that could be learned, based on choices made in the game.

    Would it be possible to specify a font in the variables as well to allow characters from alternate languages to appear very alien still?

    Is it possible to lock it down to having to have a character translate the text if they are in the party?

    Maybe a charnote to state who is able to translate as opposed to just the player can?

    I might be getting too complex, I’m not even sure that we can change the fonts with scripts, but it seems very flexible.

    As Always, AWESOME WORK. I imagine multiple copies of the script would allow for the different languages, but would altering variable names and call names work? Thoughts or comments appreciated. Thanks :-)

    Side note: Yes I know having a game where you can’t understand half the people around you is not going to be overly fun to start. I’m planning on no more then 4 languages, with the base understood one included (3 translatable languages).

  8. William says:

    When setting a color in the script, it shows the entire message in that color. In FFX and FFX-2, only the letters you were able to translate showed up in a different color (pink, which would be 27 by default in VX Ace).

    When using the script, it’s still difficult to tell which letters you’ve translated because they are all the same color.

  9. William says:

    I’m using the latest version. What I’m saying is the ENTIRE message is in the color that you set in the script, rather than only the letters that are translated. In FFX, only the translated letters changed color.