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Fomar0153 and RPG Maker

So I figured I would also join in and go through what RPG maker means to me. I first heard of RPG maker when I was 14 or 15. It was actually during my least favourite lesson P.E. in which we used to stand around talking. Naturally that evening I put our Internet connection to good use and tracked down RPG Maker 2k. One week later I had finished my first game which thankfully I never showed anyone.

Dark World (what was I thinking?) starts with the fall of a castle and the princess and prince escaping and being saved by a demon who miss teleported. He took them to a powerful Mage who for reasons unknown (or forgotten) teleported them to a floating laboratory. Where the four of them discovered the evil empire was plotting to release a monstrous demon (was I thinking?) the. When they destroy the lab the powerful Mage is captured and the other three end up on the required snowy continent. There they discover an angel who joins then and then they go to the demon’s dimension. Where they find the missing mage who sacrifices himself to weaken the demon allowing you to kill it. World saved. I wouldn’t finish another game for 8 years.

A short while later I would discover RPG Maker 2k3 and move onto using that for a bit before ultimately deciding I proffered 2k. Then I found RPG Maker XP which had only just came out. I then yoyo-ed between 2k and XP for several months. I initially found XP’s mapping weird and they had cut loads of event commands (might be wrong but that’s how I remember it) and I didn’t know how to script. At the time hardly anyone did. My programming experience at the time was limited to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Visual basic 6 and a small bit of c++ which might sound like a lot but it really wasn’t the c++ for example extending to only a small amount of processing on user input. I had wrote a guidance program which would say you’d be good at a job and then tell you that only computers would do that job in the future.

The games I remember playing at the time that had an impact on me were A Blurred Line (finish the game Lysander) which I scoured a bit looking how he did things finding a spoiler for line’s end in the process, Extenia: The Messiah and Kinetic Cipher. I was beginning to lean more towards 2k because they were all made in it. Then I played Phylomortis: Psycho Political Drama Avant Garde…

While it had it’s flaws it showed me what could be accomplished with scripting and I was sold. My first scripts where custom battle commands, then I did equipment skills and within roughly six months I believe for the first time ever I started posting them in an online community. The two scripts that got the most attention was my FFV job system (that I still rue) and my Stamina (easily configured to an ATB) battle system. I started following a few RPG Maker XP games at that time, Master of the Wind was the main one.

Eventually I was at the point were I was going into my second year of uni and then there was some drama on the forum and a lot of people left, including me. RPG Maker VX had come out around this time but I quickly decided I was sticking with XP. With increasing amounts of uni work I gave up RPG Maker other than checking every so often for Master of the Wind updates.

Fast forward three years, I’ve finished uni, taught secondary Maths for a year and decided that teaching isn’t for me and suddenly gain my evenings back as free time. Then virtually the next day I checked the Master of the Wind’s four and learn there is a new RPG Maker coming out…ACE!!!

That brings us to the present, with me yoyo-ing between projects again including my mystery project back in August then with less than a week to go and my project doomed and completely out of the blue, Indrah suggests we team up. We did and it resulted in “In Search of Clues” my first complete game in eight years. Part of what allowed me to finish my bits of the game on time was that I just did the fun bits, gameplay and scripting. The parts I like to think I am good at.

Now I am on the verge of finishing a second game with Indrah, this time much longer and with battles! In the future I would like to make games inspired by Telefang, Medabots and Etrian Odyssey. Anyway thanks for reading. I might do a part two focusing on my evolving opinions and skillset.


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